• February 4, 2023

Airport Tycoon Codes 2022 – Free Extra Cash

Airport Tycoon Codes gives you gift. You can start with an extra income at the airport you created in your own world by using the Airport Tycoon Codes. At the start time you will need cash upfront. Thanks to these Codes, you will be able to build more beautiful and bigger airports when starting the game.

Create your own airport in your own world. Create new rules and designs in the airport you created. Then play this and visit new and created airports. Earn money by working with them. We love this game. We will hope you too.

Roblox Airport Tycoon Codes

Airport Tycoon Codes are something that millions of people search on the internet every month. There are multiple websites out there providing codes but when people use those codes to redeem, there are shown a message, ‘Your code is invalid’. If you too are having the issue then we have compiled a list of all the latest, working, and active promo codes that you can redeem right now. Unlike other websites, we have listed down both expired and active codes separately.

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How To Redeem New Airport Tycoon Codes

If you are looking for active and valid Airport Tycoon Codes then you should bookmark this page because we will keep updating this list whenever new codes become available. With the help of active codes, you can easily earn a lot of rewards. Notably, all of the codes that we have mentioned here are tested before posting here. However, if you still find any expired or invalid codes, do let us know in the comment section below. So, we can remove that code from the list.

Free Codes For Roblox Game

You can Redeem Codes for free. There is also a PDF format that you can free and safely download from our servers by downloading these Codes to your computer and pressing the download button to read them in the future.

You can follow and search our website regularly and keep the Roblox Code and Script up to date. You can also get codes and cheat scripts for other games. That you can access from our website by clicking here.

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Working Airport Tycoon Codes Features


  • USA: Get 300k Cash
  • FREEGEMS: Get 6k Gems
  • NEWCODE: Get 300k Cash
  • 30K: Get 3000 Gems
  • FREECASH: Get 200,000 Cash
  • FREEMOOLAH: Get 40,000 Cash
  • BONUS: Get 200,000 Cash
  • MILLION: Get 1,000,000 Cash
  • ATDISCORD: Get 50,000 Cash
  • CASHPASS: Get 222,222 Cash
  • WHALETUBE: Get 100,000 Cash
  • OSCAR: Get 123,456 Cash
  • BLOXYCOLA: Get 30,000 Cash
  • CLIFFHANGER: Get 30,000 Cash
  • INSTA: Get 50,000 Cash
  • MEGAWHALE: Get 40,000 Cash
  • ROCKET: Get 50,000 Cash
  • FIREBALL: Get 30,000 Cash
  • CHIP: Get 10,000 Cash

Note: To get your hands on working Codes first you can join the Fat Whale Games Group on Roblox and get a free 20,000 cash in the game. You can use that money to upgrade your Airport in the game.

Expired Codes

The below-mentioned Codes are no longer active. So, you can’t redeem the following codes in 2022.

  • HOTEL: Get 200,000 Cash (New)
  • UPDATE9: Get 200,000 Cash
  • CASHPASS: Get 222,200 cash
  • WHALETUBE: Get 100,000 Cash
  • Blimp: Get 200,000 Cash
  • OSCAR: Get 123,456 Cash
  • BLOXYCOLA: Get 30,000 Cash
  • CLIFFHANGER: Get free Cash
  • INSTA: Get 40,000 Cash
  • MEGAWHALE: Get 40,000 Cash
  • ROCKET: Get 50,000 Cash
  • FREEMOOLAH: Get 40,000 Cash
  • FIREBALL: Get 30,000 Cash
  • CHIP: Get 10,000 Cash
  • ATDISCORD: 50K Cash
  • 20K: Get 200,000 Cash
  • JUNE: 300000 Cash
  • UPDATE8 
  • 2021
  • XBOX
  • 100MIL
  • 100MIL
  •  50MIL
  • 330KLIKES
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How To Redeem Airport Tycoon Codes


  1. Open the Airport Tycoon game on your Roblox.
  2. Click on the Twitter icon.
    • Icon on the left hand side of the screen.
  3. Find the code box shape icon.
  4. Click it and enter the what code do you want to use.
  5. Get the freebies and there you go.
  6. Enjoy the game.
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Airport Tycoon Codes 2022 – Free Extra Cash

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