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Full Story Recap For Final Fantasy XIV: A Realm Reborn

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After the failed first model of the sport, Remaining Fantasy 14 skilled its personal renaissance with the discharge of A Realm Reborn, a second try at bringing the world of Hydaelyn and the continent of Eorzea to a affected person fanbase. This was again in 2013, over ten years in the past, and we have come a really great distance since then.

Associated Remaining Fantasy 14: What Is The Void? FF14’s depiction of the void differs fairly a bit from different entries within the Remaining Fantasy collection.
Consequently, anybody who performed by means of the primary few storylines added to the sport a very long time in the past could also be a little bit fuzzy on the main points. Consequently, we’re bringing you a narrative recap that covers the whole lot necessary: out of your very first steps in Eorzea to the occasions that lead into Heavensward.

This story recap will cowl the necessary highlights of the story, not each minute element and quest. Notice that it is also potential to expertise the story once more your self utilizing
the New Sport Plus characteristic

From Adventurer To Envoy To Scion

Remaining Fantasy 14’s journey will start in a distinct place relying on which class the Warrior of Gentle (that is you!) picks throughout character creation. It will have an effect on the primary batch of quests they undertake and offer you a kind of ‘residence’ nation, though you might be canonically a foreigner to Eorzea.

The potential beginning nations are as follows:

Nation Lessons Ul’dah Gladiator, Pugilist, Thaumaturge Limsa Lominsa Marauder, Arcanist Gridania Lancer, Archer, Conjurer

The primary few quests you undertake are of the generic kind – after introducing your self to the native adventurer’s guild and serving to out with some native issues, you will meet a Scion of the Seventh Daybreak.
Those that begin in Ul’dah are despatched into the arid area of Thanalan to satisfy Papashan, who offers them some duties to assist out with the rebuilding mission there. Many of those quests have you ever slaying pests and delivering messages and baked items, although one early process has you rescuing a younger maiden from a voidsent and assembly Thancred, a Scion. As extra quests are accomplished, you ultimately be taught of a plot in opposition to the sultana, Nanamo Ul Namo, and also you be taught a lot of the strife-ridden politics of Ul’dah. Foiling this plot places you within the good graces of the sultana and the chief of the Immortal Flames, Raubahn. Those that begin in Limsa Lominsa discover their quests in La Noscea, a seaside of inexperienced fields, lengthy coasts, and loads of farms. The Lominsan quests take care of a current spate of kidnappings, and also you swiftly put down some evildoers, assembly Y’shtola of the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak alongside the best way. This leads you to a confrontation with the Serpent Reavers, tempered pirates in league with the Sahagin within the title of Leviathan, a watery primal. Doing so attracts the eye of Merlwyb, the admiral of Limsa Lominsa. Those that begin in Gridania are despatched out into the Shroud, a forested area. Lots of the quests right here inform you of the significance of nature to the Gridanian lifestyle, and you may do many fetch quests that take care of retrieving eggs and defending folks from pure forces (corresponding to vultures). Rumblings about the ixal attain your ears, and you find yourself defending an necessary tree with assistance from Papalymo and Yda, two of the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak. This feat nets you an viewers with the Elder Seedseer of Gridania, Kan-E-Senna.

As you may see, regardless of the place you begin, the primary batch of quests you undertake offer you a battle alongside a Scion of the Seventh Daybreak, which may also characteristic a Masked Mage as an enemy. This Masked Mage is your first glimpse at an Ascian, a mysterious race of people that characteristic as the sport’s central villains.

The primary instanced fights you expertise throughout these quests may also contain you having a
imaginative and prescient and assembly Hydaelyn
, a goddess who gives you with energy.

Every questline will result in a gathering with the native chief and switch you into an envoy, tasked with travelling to the opposite two nations to tell the opposite leaders of a plan to carry a memorial ceremony for individuals who handed throughout the Seventh Umbral Calamity (which canonically occurred on the finish of the failed 1.0 model of FF14).

After assembly the three leaders and visiting all three nations, the questlines merge. The primary quests you tackle after finishing your duties as an envoy can have you delving into your first dungeons: coping with pirates in Sastasha, placing down rebellious giants within the Copperbell Mines, and eradicating cultists infecting the Tam-Tara Deepcroft.

Upon completion of those three dungeons, you are invited to satisfy the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak, which has its base in Western Thanalan: the Waking Sands. It’s right here that you’re going to meet the opposite Scions who you will have but to satisfy, together with their receptionist Tataru, a scholar named Urianger, and their chief: Minfilia.

Minfilia explains your powers of the Echo to you, and explains that she too has the facility, and in addition tells you of the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak’s goal: specifically, to take care of the primal risk.

Inevitably, you find yourself becoming a member of the Scions, pledging your assist of their battle in opposition to the primal risk.

The Primal Risk: Ifrit

After your induction to the Scions, you might be despatched in your first process fairly rapidly. Thanalan is experiencing a spate of kidnappings, one thing you already know in case you started your journey there. Together with Thancred, you journey to Jap Thanalan to analyze.

You uncover a plot whereby a person disguised as a priest of the Church of St. Adama Landama lures the unsuspecting unfortunate to a commune close to Camp Drybone. These poor souls are kidnapped by the amal’jaa, burly lizardmen who worship the primal Ifrit.

Your investigation bears fruit rapidly and also you type a plan to tackle the kidnapped by means of subterfuge, although you might be betrayed by an Immortal Flames soldier who has been tempered by Ifrit.

The primal is summoned earlier than your very eyes, and also you witness the consequences that tempering has on harmless souls. Ifrit makes an attempt to mood you, however you might be protected by the facility of the Echo – that is what lets you take down the fiery primal.

Rising victorious from the flames, you might be compelled to concede that these unfortunate tempered have to be put to dying, for there may be nothing that can cease them from combating and plotting for the empowerment of their god.

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With that over, your subsequent process is to attend the remembrance ceremonies at every of the three city-states. It is throughout these that you’re going to be taught extra about every nation’s position within the Calamity, in addition to meet Alphinaud and Alisaie Leveilleur. Glimpsed solely briefly throughout the introductory cutscenes, these twins are additionally Scions and can play as large a task in the primary story as every other characters.

After this quick break, it is again to Scion enterprise.

The Primal Risk: Ramuh

After coping with Ifrit, the Scions ship you to Gridania with Papalymo and Yda to analyze the Sylphs of the Shroud. Their god is Ramuh, whose damaging energy is terrifying, although the sylphs are friendlier than most different beast races.

Assembly the sylphs is difficult work due to their playfulness, but it surely’s plain to see after a number of quests that whereas there are tempered sylphs residing deeper within the forest, they are not working in the direction of a summoning – Ramuh does not pose a lot of a risk.

Whereas Ramuh is not a difficulty, you do find yourself fixing a number of precise issues for the sylphs. Your quests take you to the South Shroud, the place you uncover a traitor by the title of Laurentius and save the sylph elder Frixio from Lahabrea, an Ascian, within the Thousand Maws of Toto-Rak. Due to this, the friendship between the pleasant sylphs of Little Solace and mankind is ensured.

The subsequent quests element your preliminary investigation into Lahabrea. They take you from Gridania to Ul’dah, the place you meet some Ala Mhigans and be taught of their plight, and in addition come to know of the Ascians’ important strategies: they manipulate these cursed with anger and resentment, and attempt to encourage them to summon primals.

It’s the Ascians who present the beastmen with the means and strategies to hold out these harmful summonings.

The Primal Risk: Titan

After some lifeless ends throughout your investigation (which leads you to the haunted Haukke Manor), information of one other primal risk reaches the Scions. This time, it’s the kobolds in La Noscea who’re about to summon their primal: the primal of earth, Titan.

Titan has been slain earlier than, in current reminiscence, by the Firm of Heroes. This mercenary firm is famend for its highly effective members, and although they disbanded after the Calamity, their members nonetheless maintain sway. Your investigations into Titan contain monitoring down Wheiskaet, a previous member of the Firm.

Wheiskaet sends you on many seemingly unrelated quests that have you ever unknowingly assembly many different previous members, and you might be judged to be able to tackle the earthly primal. You might be directed to Higher La Noscea, the place you meet a person referred to as Riol, who helps you confront the Lord of Crags.

Doing so requires that you just attune to an aetheryte throughout the kobold lair – this teleportation magic pursuits Y’shtola vastly.

After vanquishing Titan and reporting the success to the Maelstrom command centre, you make your means again to the Waking Sands to be congratulated by Minfilia. Nevertheless, if you get there, all you discover are corpses – the Scions have been attacked.

An Echo-induced flashback reveals that Livia sas Junius was the perpetrator, simply taking down the Scions in her means, fatally injuring Noraxia the sylph, and kidnapping Minfilia and a few others.

The next step is to journey to Jap Thanalan to take refuge on the Church of St. Adama Landama. Father Iliud right here is an ally of the Scions, in any case.

The Primal Risk: Garuda

After burying your comrades’ our bodies and delivering Noraxia to Little Solace, you come to know Marques, an amnesiac convalescing on the church.

It’s right here that you just reunite with Alphinaud, who reveals that Garuda has been summoned by the ixal. He additionally reveals that Marques is definitely Cid Garlond, a defector from the empire and a genius engineer who got here to Eorzea by airship: the Enterprise.

After uncovering Cid’s reminiscences and recruiting him to your trigger, your course is about. What follows are quests that take you to chilly Coerthas to the north seeking this airship.

Proven to you in a earlier cutscene is Alphinaud having a significant disagreement with Alisaie about how they need to go about their process. They are going to be cut up up for a very long time.

It’s in Coerthas that you just be taught a lot of Ishgard and the nation’s everlasting warfare with dragonkind, which will probably be explored much more in Heavensward.

Your quests in Coerthas lead you to satisfy Lord Haurchefant, a member of certainly one of Ishgard’s excessive homes and a readily steadfast ally. After teaming up with him to uncover a heretic plot, you discover the Enterprise within the ruins of the Stone Vigil, guarded by dragons.

With the Enterprise retrieved, it is just a few quests that take care of upgrading it to have the ability to stand up to Garuda’s wind barrier that stands between you and your subsequent primal battle. This entails buying a corrupted crystal, which finally ends up taking fairly some time and sends you throughout all Eorzea. Regardless, purchase it you do, and you fell the Woman of the Vortex.

The Imperial Risk

Within the wake of Garuda’s defeat, the crushed ixal instantly resummon her. This initially looks like an unwinnable battle, however it’s swiftly interrupted by the arrival of Gaius van Baelsar of the empire. Confronted by Gaius and in her rage, Garuda kills some captive beastmen, which elicits the summoning of Ifrit and Titan.

Gaius is ready, although. Utilizing a colossal, beastly weapon, he takes the very souls of the three primals. That is your first glimpse of the Ultima Weapon, which appears to swell with energy with every primal consumed. Fleeing the battlefield, Alphinaud decides that it’s time to regroup.

You come to the Waking Sands, and fortunately reunite with Yda and Y’shtola. After a fast dialog, your subsequent goal is known as: Castrum Centri, an imperial stronghold location in positioned in Mor Dhona.

The subsequent quests take care of your preparations for the ultimate battle. First, you might be alerted to 2 escaped prisoners from an imperial airship – these are Biggs and Wedge, who work below Cid.

With their assist, you journey to Revenant’s Toll, a settlement of adventurers in Mor Dhona, and set about casing the castrum and buying your self your very personal magitek reaper.

The subsequent quest sees you infiltrating Castrum Centri and rescuing Minfilia, Papalymo, Urianger, and Tataru. That is additionally the place it is revealed that Thancred’s physique has been possessed by Lahabrea, placing him out of fee.

The next sequence of quests marks the ultimate stretch of A Realm Reborn. Right here, the three nation states of Eorzea resolve that their greatest plan of action is to battle again in opposition to the empire inside their borders and commit forces to your plan: Operation Archon.

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Operation Archon

Supported by the Grand Corporations of Eorzea, the operation goes off with no hitch:
Rhitahtyn sas Arvina is slain by the Warrior of Gentle at Cape Westwind in Thanalan. The provision traces to Castum Meridianum are severed. The Warrior of Gentle infiltrates Castrum Meridianum to shut down the barrier defending the Praetorium, the place the Ultima Weapon lies. In doing so, they slay Livia sas Junius. All of the whereas, the Grand Corporations every assault completely different castrums of their territory. The Warrior of Gentle infiltrates the Praetorium and defeats Nero tol Scaeva, Gaius van Baelsar, and at last, Lahabrea (in Thancred’s physique) and the Ultima Weapon.

After The Ultima Weapon

The defeat of Lahabrea and repelling the empire earns Eorzea a well timed respite. Thancred is confirmed to be okay after expelling Lahabrea from his physique, and the Scions obtain a lot assist from the three nation-states.

In an effort to look diplomatic and impartial, the Scions select Revenant’s Toll as their new headquarters. From right here on out, you report back to Minfilia and the remainder of the Scions right here, not the Waking Sands (which is now a warehouse used for storage).

The quests that observe take care of the next points:

The moogles and sylphs of the Shroud and the sahagin of La Noscea summon their primals, Good King Moggle Mog XII, Ramuh, and Leviathan, respectively. You place them down as rapidly as they’re summoned. Assembly Yugiri, an exile from Doma who led a big group of Domans to Eorzea in search of refuge. After failing to safe them a spot in Ul’dah, they’re escorted to Revenant’s Toll the place they discover shelter, work, and succour.

The Crystal Braves And Woman Iceheart

After placing down six primals in all and in addition aiding the Domans discover refuge, Alphinaud requests that you just assist him along with his personal mission. His goal is to create a Grand Firm of his personal – one which is not tied to a nation, however is impartial and serves Eorzea as a complete: the Crystal Braves.

To that finish, you quest throughout Eorzea to recruit prepared companions. Notable characters from earlier quests agree to affix, corresponding to Laurentius (the traitor who sided with the empire in Gridania) and Riol (the person who helped you confront Titan). An necessary face to recollect is Ilberd, an Ala Mhigan who misplaced a lot to the Calamity.

With the Crystal Braves, you take care of a spy by the codename Ivy, who betrayed Immortal Flames secrets and techniques to the empire.

As this recruitment drive is occurring, you additionally need to take care of a brand new risk: heretics from Coerthas who’re attacking strangers, seemingly at random. This coincides with stirrings up north in Ishgard, which you find out about in a gathering with the Ishgardian ambassador, Aymeric. This assembly reveals that Ishgardian astrologians have realized of an ideal dragon cry that they consider got here from the physique of the dragon Midgardsormr, which lies on the coronary heart of Mor Dhona.

Earlier than you may examine the dragon to assist Ishgard, your consideration is drawn again to the heretic risk. You be taught that they worship Shiva, a historic determine who consorted with dragons earlier than the everlasting warfare between Ishgard and dragonkind.

The heretics are led by a girl referred to as Iceheart, and with assistance from the Crystal Braves and a Sharlayan ally referred to as Moenbryda, you’ll be able to infiltrate their lair and confront her – as you do, she summons Shiva, who inhabits her physique.

Slaying the primal does not kill Iceheart, permitting her to make her escape – she’s going to make her reappearance in Heavensward.

The Ascian Risk

After coping with Iceheart, your downtime consists of serving to the Crystal Braves with their issues. These quests trace at some underhanded dealings, probably involving the Braves themselves, however your consideration is deftly grabbed by Aymeric, turned up at Revenant’s Toll and requesting that you just examine Midgardsormr, who’s predicted to resurrect imminently.

Certainly, venturing to the dragon’s physique, coiled round a downed imperial warship, reveals that the dragon continues to be alive, in a fashion of talking. Midgardsormr takes an curiosity in you and seems to know Hydaelyn personally. Within the following moments, he strips you of your Echo and begins accompanying you as a tiny dragon – he means to witness your actions, contemplating it a check.

Reporting these occasions to Lucia, Aymeric’s companion, leads to not the rejoicing you’d anticipate. She ominously states {that a} renewed offensive with the dragons is inevitable.

Moenbryda, your latest ally who aided you in reaching Iceheart’s lair, stories some developments in her plan to type a weapon that may kill an Ascian. Sadly, an Ascian referred to as Nabriales chooses this second to invade the Scions’ base and confront the heroes, and instantly notices the dearth of Hydaelyn’s safety and makes use of the chance to strike.

Whereas Moenbryda’s weapon is confirmed profitable in defence, destroying Nabriales, her life is claimed within the confrontation.

With little time to mourn, Lucia’s predictions are confirmed true and dragons assault Ishgard. The Scions rush to their assist, not bothered by Ishgard’s xenophobic political stance. The encounter on the Steps of Religion comes near defeat, however mankind is ready to win the day.

The Binding Coil Of Bahamut

These quests occur at an
indeterminate time between the defeat of the Ultima Weapon and the banquet on the finish of A Realm Reborn

Whereas the Scions and the Crystal Braves are at work with their respective issues, Alisaie Leveilleur has her personal mission for which she may use the Warrior of Gentle’s assist. She is investigating aetheric waves emanating from the shards of Dalamud, the pink moon which fell throughout the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Alisaie locations an excessive amount of significance on these investigations because it was her grandfather, Louisoix Leveilleur, who stopped the Calamity from destroying the world, sacrificing himself to imprison the primal Bahamut.

Accompanying Alisaie underground and into the shards of Dalamud, you discover Allagan ruins, stuffed with extremely robust beasts. Crucially, you additionally discover the imprisoned, immobilised, sure physique of Bahamut, the ruined primal. As time passes, Bahamut appears to develop in energy, turning into stronger and extra absolutely shaped – an apparent risk to life in Eorzea.

Amongst these you battle is a simulacrum of Nael van Darnus, whose essence was plucked from the ether throughout the Calamity, of which he was the architect.

Quickly after placing Nael down, you might be confronted by Louisoix himself, or relatively, a tempered phantom of his essence. He expels the Warrior of Gentle and Alisaie, however they present their willpower, combating to come across him once more in one other shard of Dalamud.

The ultimate expedition into Dalamud sees Alphinaud becoming a member of his sister, having been knowledgeable of what occurred beforehand.

This can be a good factor, because it’s by means of their mixed energy that they’re able to break the tempering positioned on their grandfather and reveal that in his grand sacrifice in his battle with Bahamut, he grew to become the primal Phoenix, a logo of immortality and rebirth.

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Whereas he’s slain by you, the Warrior of Gentle, Louisoix has a number of moments of readability through which he can reassure his grandchildren that they are on the correct path.

Within the last confrontation of this collection of quests, you confront and slay Bahamut himself, placing an finish to this woeful narrative.

With the perils over, the twins discover resolve to remain dedicated to their shared beliefs, being the ‘sword within the night time‘ that Eorzea wants.

The Crystal Tower

These quests occur at an
indeterminate time between the defeat of the Ultima Weapon and the banquet on the finish of A Realm Reborn

Mor Dhona just isn’t solely residence to Revenant’s Toll – it additionally performs host to some members of the Sons of Saint Coinach, students and researchers investigating Allagan ruins and expertise. Their goal in Mor Dhona is to look at the large Crystal Tower positioned to the southeast, and serving to them of their duties is a compulsory quest for the Warrior of Gentle.

Rammbroes, the pinnacle of the Sons, is fast to recruit you, the famed defender of Eorzea, to his organisation’s trigger. After serving to the Sons find uncommon elemental crystals and aethersand that can permit bodily entry to the Crystal Tower.

Alongside the best way, you meet G’raha Tia, a member of the College students of Baldesion aiding the Sons of Saint Coinach due to his thirst for Allagan information.

With assistance from G’raha, Rammbroes, and Cid Garlond, who additionally tags alongside, you’ll be able to break by means of the Crystal Tower’s outer defences and enter the Labyrinth of Ancients, the underside rung. Within the course of, G’raha Tia names this collective the ‘Nominated Observers of Artifacts Historic‘, or NOAH.

NOAH is a reference to the character
Noah from Remaining Fantasy 3
– this complete collection of quests borrows a lot from that FF3, because it occurs.

After reaching the tower correct, NOAH finds out that the tower is not as inactive as beforehand thought, and additional investigation is required – in any case, its energy rivals that of the Ultima Weapon, one thing that can’t fall into evil arms.

The crew finds out that the principal spire of the tower – Syrcus Tower – is sealed away. Fortunately, two mysterious people named Doga and Unei pledge their help. They declare to be Allagan clones of people who have been supposedly descendants of Emperor Xande, who dominated on the peak of the Allagan Empire.

Positive sufficient, Doga and Unei are in a position to break the seal and permit you and your allies by means of to defeat Emperor Xande, who has been resurrected in any case this time.

It’s right here that Nero makes an look – he has been observing NOAH for a while, having his personal designs for the Crystal Tower. He elects to affix you, no matter what you consider such an association, and cites his expertise with high-tech Allagan gadgets as a cause it is best to let him.

Upon your victory in opposition to the revived Emperor Xande, the aim of the Crystal Tower is revealed. The tower is a conduit to the void, a aircraft of darkness. Xande made a take care of a robust voidsent referred to as the Cloud of Darkness in an try to destroy all life on this planet.

He was unsuccessful, clearly, however the Crystal Tower stays a risk – on the prime of Syrcus Tower, waves of clones are summoned to assault you, and Doga, Unei, and Nero are pulled into the voidgate on the prime of the tower.

Not one to dip from a problem, you enter the World of Darkness and defeat the Cloud of Darkness, saving the trio of kidnapped allies within the course of. G’raha Tia aids you by revealing that he himself is descended from people with royal Allagan blood and is thus in a position to interface with the Crystal Tower. It is along with his assist that the gate opens within the first place.

After the mud has settled and the risk has subsided, G’raha Tia decides to enter the Crystal Tower and place himself in stasis. His reasoning is that with the Crystal Tower being so highly effective and he being the one identified one that can management it, he desires to be prepared for any eventuality sooner or later the place the Crystal Tower can be utilized for good.

Betrayal At The Banquet

The ultimate stretch of A Realm Reborn offers with an excellent banquet to be held in mild of the profitable Ishgardian defence and the obvious peace within the realm. Nevertheless, issues aren’t fairly what they appear.

Teledji Adeledji, a member of the Ul’dahn Syndicate, plotted to make use of the banquet as a chance to assassinate Nanamo, the nation’s sultana, and blame the Scions for it. To do that, he manipulated the Crystal Braves, turning lots of them turncoat and utilizing them to plant proof that might look unhealthy for the Scions.

Shortly earlier than the banquet begins, you be a part of Nanamo in her quarters, the place she reveals her intention to step down from her place of energy and abolish the monarchy, intending to show Ul’dah right into a republic. As she speaks with you, she’s given a drink from a server – upon ingesting, she falls to the ground, apparently lifeless.

In the meantime, Teledji places his plan into movement, publicly accusing the Scions of the Seventh Daybreak of Nanamo’s assassination in full view of the leaders of Gridania, Limsa Lominsa, and Ishgard. This has some catastrophic outcomes:
In his rage, Raubahn cuts Teledji Adeledji down the place he stands and is arrested by the traitorous Crystal Braves. The Scions, Warrior of Gentle included, are chased out of Ul’dah by way of Sil’dihn aqueducts below the town. Yda and Papalymo purchase the remainder time by combating off the enemy guards, however their fates are unknown. Thancred and Y’shtola additionally attempt to purchase the remainder time by collapsing a part of the aqueducts. Y’shtola, as a final resort, casts a robust teleportation spell in an try to ferry the 2 to security – however their fates are additionally unknown.

Ultimately, solely you, Alphinaud, and Tataru are identified to be alive, with Urianger presumably nonetheless on the Waking Sands and Alisaie on her personal quest. Made fugitives by the declare that you’re assassins, you flip to Ishgard, the place Haurchefant helps you acquire entry to the nation.

This ends A Realm Reborn, with Heavensward choosing up as quickly as you and your companions enter Ishgard.

Subsequent Remaining Fantasy 14: Tomestones, Defined Here is the whole lot you’ll want to find out about Remaining Fantasy 14’s most plentiful forex, the Allagan Tomestone.

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