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Minecraft Console Command & Cheat 2022

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Minecraft console command codes, server commands and exploits within Minecraft to help you improve your blocky adventures. Join one of the largest communities in gaming with new games, new updates and new ways to play and start crafting today. However;

Everything is easy, no need to worry

If it is not difficult for you, there are always cheats and console commands. What could be more fun to conquer the sprawling sandbox that is the world of console command for minecraft than pulling up the command bar, typing some words and symbols, and building yourself a brash crimson pony with diamond armor?

A console command is definitely much more than a string of letters. They can instantly change the world, from killing every enemy around you to instantly melting all the metals in your inventory. Some people might call it cheating. But we think of it just as saving time, having a nice and wonderful time and letting you continue your awesome Minecraft project.

Don’t Be Afraid Console

Don’t know how to enter Minecraft console command and cheat? Fortunately, Minecraft console commands are extremely simple to use. Have you ever thought it would be as simple as entering Minecraft seeds? When creating a new Minecraft world, you will be asked to choose whether to allow cheats or not. If you choose to use cheats you will be prompted to select Yes and after the world loads you have to press the “C” key to pull up the command bar where you will enter all your cheats and commands.

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Rule of thumb here: Any command you enter in single player must be preceded by a slash (/); multiplayer commands will not work with this prefix.

Now it’s as simple as typing the desired command and pressing the “Enter” key. Let’s take a look at the shortcuts.

Minecraft Target Selector Shortcuts prime example for Minecraft console command  subject

  • @p – nearest player
  • @r – random player
  • @a – all players
  • @e – all entities
  • @s – the entity executing the command
  • Help
    /help [CommandName]

This gives you more information about the given command.

  • Give
    /give <Player> <Item> [Amount]

You use it to give another player an item from your inventory. Example: /give CheaterPlayer minecraft:planks 5. This will yield CheaterPlayer 5 Spruce Wood Planks. This command is much simpler when exporting single objects, but is especially useful for stackable objects.

  • Teleport
    /tp [TargetPlayer] x y z

It is used to instantly transport yourself or another player to a specific part of the Minecraft world. Using another player’s name instead of coordinates will move the target directly to that player’s location. You can also teleport into a new world with these Minecraft maps.

  • Kill

You can kill your character with this command. If you execute the command by adding another player’s name, it will kill them.

  • Weather
    /weather WeatherType

Allows you to choose the weather or your world in Minecraft world. You can change this;

    • rain
    • thunder
    • snow
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The most functional commands of the Minecraft console command  code list

  • Freeze

Stops mobs in their tracks. Absolute zero value −273.15°C.

  • Fall damage

Turns fall damage on and off. Great for those with a fear of heights.

  • Fire damage

Turns fire damage on and off. You shouldn’t play with fire.

  • Water damage

Turns water damage on and off. For those who are afraid to jump into the water.

Commands that will make your work easier.

  • Smelt item

Turns all items into their smelted form. If it works for you, great.

  • Instant plant

For the impatient; No more waiting around for a planted seed to grow.

  • Store items

Stores all inventory items into a chest, which spawns nearby. Great convenience.

  • Item damage

Your weapons no longer receive damage or degrade.

  • Duplicate

Copies and drops the item stack that you have equipped before. I wish it was for money in real life

  • Keep inventory when you die
    /gamerule keepInventory true

Ensures you don’t lose your items upon dying. To revert this, type “false” in place of “true”. Just like that easy.

  • Stop time
    /gamerule doDaylightCycle false

This will stop the game’s day/light cycle in it’s place, allowing you to live under permanent sunshine or moonlight. To resume the day/light cycle type in “/gamerule doDaylightCycle true”. Sleep well.

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A few more commands.

  • Summon

Instantly drops you desired creature or object into your world, especially handy for when you’re short a couple of tame ocelots.

  • Atlantis mode

Dramatically raises the world’s water level and submerging all but the highest mountains.

  • Ride

Turns the creature you are facing into a mount.

  • Instant mine

One-click mining with any tool. Cool.

  • Creative mode
    /gamemode creative

Changes the game mode to creative mode, which allows player flight, unlimited resources and stops mobs attacking you. Easy life.

As a result for Minecraft console command

Build something awesome with Minecraft console command and cheat. Discover all the versatile ways that redstone ore dust can be used to enhance your creations, bring them to life, or give them some life.

Target selector variables set a specific target without typing their full name. Five different shorthand commands are given above. You will get used to seeing them while playing on the best Minecraft servers.

Joining the world of Minecraft Console Command and Cheat got you excited? So you don’t know how to join? You can reach the link of the secure official website on our servers by clicking the Download button below.

Don’t be left behind from the game world.

Don’t stop, be a part of this world as soon as possible. We are sure you will have a great time. With the CheaterPlayer difference, you will quickly adapt to this game.

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Minecraft Console Command & Cheat 2022

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