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Anime Mania Codes 2022 – Free Gems Gold and More

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The Anime Mania Codes are the easiest way for players to complete their character roster. You will love this game. Anime Mania Codes usually give you free Gems and Gold.

You can use Gems to summon new characters, and Gold allows you to obtain existing Bait characters only to gain power for your playable characters. You can’t use them any other way, but they are vital to leveling up your team.

Roblox Anime Mania Game


Look in Roblox Anime Mania game is a mix of many different fighting and tower defense style of games. You set up a team, jump into a game, and fight waves of enemies with your character. You can collect more heroes, evolve them, and upgrade to get more powerful to take on higher level enemies! You can do this solo, or you can do it with friends and other players in the game.

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How Can I Find New Roblox Anime Mania Codes

New Anime Mania Codes usually drop every month and coincide with some anime-related announcement or a milestone for the game. Game makers release them regularly.

What is Roblox

Roblox Game Universe is the world’s largest social platform for gaming. This platform is a massive multiplayer online game where a player can create their own world and play with other players. Millions of people around the world play this game every day. It has already exceeded 250,000 active users in 2023. Once you enter the game universe, you will not want to leave.

Take your place in this perfect fun Roblox Game Universe. You will have a great time and enjoy yourself with Roblox Promo Code and Script for in-game privileges that you can gain free of charge from our website. Your point of view on the logic of playing the game will change. You can’t leave this world.

All Working Roblox Anime Mania Codes Features


Here are the current working Anime Mania Codes for the your Roblox game. You will love this; we are sure. You can get free in-game achievements and rewards with these Anime Mania Codes, which are published free of charge by the game developers on special days or at the milestone of the game. Get limited time rewards using the codes below. Also, don’t forget to follow our website so you don’t miss new ones.

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  • BIGMOMUPDATE1 – Redeem code for Gems & Gold (NEW)
  • BIGMOMUPDATE – Redeem code for Gems & Gold (NEW)
  • YAKRUSFINALGOODBYE – Redeem code for Gems & Gold
  • REVIVAL?? – Redeem code for Gems & Gold

Expired Codes

If you tried entering a code and it didn’t work, it’s probably on this list.

  • SORRY4DELAY – Freebies
  • MHARelease? – 500 Gems
  • IFOLLOWEDYOU – 50 Gems and 100 Gold
  • atlastZerO – Gems & Gold
  • Miracle – 650 Gems & Gold
  • Dessi – 750 Gems & Gold
  • Aricku – 500 Gems & Gold
  • SPGBlackStar – 500 Gems
  • EtherealMiracool – 500 Gems and Gold
  • etherealmiraclE – 500 Gems and Gold
  • 100K! – 1,000 Gems and 3,000 Gold
  • maruto2? – 600 Gems and 1,000 Gold
  • OFFSM00K – 350 Gems and 1,000 Gold
  • OffMeno – 1,000 Gems
  • OffClan – Gems and Gold
  • 100MILVISITS – 1,500 Gems and 10,000 Gold
  • TWITTEREYES – 500 Gems
  • STRESSTEST – 450 Gems and Gold
  • Star – 625 Gems and 1,000 Gold
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How Do I Redeem Roblox Anime Mania Codes

anime mania codes

To redeem codes in Anime Mania, you’ll need to follow these simple steps:

  1. Open the Anime Mania game on your Roblox.
  2. Go to the main menu in your game.
    • It will be in the the bottom left corner of the screen.
  3. Click it and enter the what code do you want to use.
  4. Get the freebies.
  5. Enjoy the game.

If You Want To Keep Codes

Redeeming is pretty simple, just follow the steps below. Watch-out though, the codes are case-sensitive. If you want to keep these Codes on your computer, you can access them from our servers in PDF format by pressing the DOWNLOAD button from below.

More For Anime Mania Game

You can follow our site regularly and keep the codes for anime mania game up to date, and you can also get codes and cheat scripts for other Roblox and other games that you can access from our site by clicking here.

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Anime Mania Codes 2022 – Free Gems Gold and More

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