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Tower of Fantasy Codes 2022 – Free Weapon Boost Battery and More

Tower of Fantasy Codes is an excellent gift offering powerful items and resources that you will undoubtedly need. Use these Tower of Fantasy Codes published by game developers to make a difference and level up fast in a fantasy-laden action RPG game with its own set of free codes.

Free rewards can be especially helpful in your first few hours as you explore the lush, alien world where Tower of Fantasy is located. It is a game that allows players to craft the most powerful weapons and upgrade each one. It is exclusive to their own Tower of Fantasy Codes that they can use for various helpful gifts and goodies.

About Tower of Fantasy Game


Tower of Fantasy is published by Level Infinite, a subsidiary of Chinese gaming giant Tencent Games – it’s available for PC and mobile and shares quite a few similarities with another creative gacha game you may already be familiar with.

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Through an interstellar colonization plan, humans created a new civilization on a planet called Aida. To mine the comet Mara for a mysterious yet potent energy called Omnium, they built the Tower of Fantasy.

Following the tradition of gacha games before it, Tower of Fantasy is a game that allows players to craft the most powerful weapons and upgrade each one. It is exclusive to their own code, which they can use for various gifts and goodies that will help.

Working Tower of Fantasy Codes Features

Here are all the currently active codes for Tower of Fantasy. We love these gift codes. You can easily apply these code.

  • ILOVETOF – 1x Gold Nucleus, 5x Weapon Battery II
  • TOF666 – 8,888 Gold, 1x SR Relic Shard Box
  • TOF888 – 8,888 Gold, 1x Black Nucleus, 10x Crispy Grilled Fish

Note: These codes were previously active with a redemption limit, but have since been made available to all once again.

Expired Codes

Here are all the expired codes for Tower of Fantasy. By all means, try your luck with them, but these codes likely won’t be working anymore!

  • TOF0811TOF
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Free Codes For Games

You can Redeem Tower of Fantasy Codes for free. There is also a PDF format that you can free and safely download from our servers by downloading these Codes to your computer and pressing the download button to read them in the future.

You can follow and search our website regularly and keep the Roblox Code and Script up to date. You can also get codes and cheat scripts for other games. That you can access from our website by clicking here.

How To Redeem Tower of Fantasy Codes


Note: First things first, you need to have completed the Tower of Fantasy tutorial. Once this is done, you’re ready to start redeeming any Tower of Fantasy Codes that you’ve got your hands on.

As you can see, there’s a lot to do, but it’s always worth it for some free goodies. After these gifts, you will see that your efforts are rewarded.

  • Open the Tower of Fantasy game on your PC.
    • You completed the Tower of Fantasy tutorial.
  • Select the gift-shaped icon in the top right-hand corner.
    • Use L-Alt to select it if you’re on PC.
  • Select ‘Rewards‘ from the lower left-hand corner of the menu.
  • Then, select ‘Exchange‘, which is also on the left.
  • From here, you can input the code you want to redeem, and hit ‘Confirm‘.
  • Continue to rinse and repeat the above until you’ve redeemed all of your codes.
  • After this, you need to retrieve your rewards from your mailbox. Leave the Rewards menu, and go into your Friends menu.
  • Then, select the Mailbox in the upper right-hand corner and claim your redeemed rewards.
  • Enjoy the game.
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Tower of Fantasy Codes 2022 – Free Weapon Boost Battery and More

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