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Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat 2022 – Exotic Hack

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Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat is an incredible advantage for players. Aimbot, Visuals, ESP, Exploits Mods and many more free cheats for you to discover. A good undetected free Fortnite cheat. From Aimbot to ESP, from Rapid Fire to No Armament, it has all the features a warrior needs.

Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat Features:

Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat just turn on Aimbot and some visual features like ESP and camp your enemies. Enjoy dominating everyone in the lobby. If that’s not enough for you, go to the Mods tab and get mods like No Spread Hack, Rapid Fire Hack, Vehicle Fly and Fortnite a thousand times more fun to play. Take advantage of this cheat with so many features.

  • Aimbot
    •  Aimbot mode
      • Memory Aim
      • Silent (V1)
      • Silent (v2)
    • Spinbot
    • Reset rotation after spin
    • Visible targets only
    • Aim bone
      • Head
      • Chest
      • Pelvis
    • FOV
    • Smoothness
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How To Use Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat?

  1. Click the Download button from below.
  2. You will be directed to our Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat page for download .txt or copy code.
  3. Download or copy the Fortnite Soft Aim Download .txt or code from the window.
  4. Please close your Fortnite game or make sure you are not in game.
  5. Make sure your Anti-Virus software or Windows Defender software is OFF.
  6. Make sure your FaceitVanguard Anti Cheat is OFF.
    • If all steps is OK;
  7. Drag and drop the drv.sys file into the kdmapper.exe.
  8. Then open the Fortnite game and run svchost.exe in Lobby.
  9. Enjoy It.

Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat Short Questions;

If you have these two important questions in your mind, we have answered them for you.

Is this Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat detected?

At the moment, it is not. But be aware that some of the features might be unsafe (There are warning in the menu for unsafe features)

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How can I unban myself from Fortnite?

– However if you do get banned, no worries. There are tons of unban methods that you can find out ther that work just fine. You just enjoy your game.

How to Get Soft Aim on Fortnite?

Here are all the hotkeys for toggling cheats ON and OFF: F1: Toggle Soft Aim. F2: Toggle ESP. F3: Disable weapon recoil



There are many more cheats and script that you can safely download from our site. If you want to make a difference in your games, you can review our site.

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Fortnite Soft Aim Cheat 2022 – Exotic Hack

Info & Download Link
Cheat Developer: FONDO
Cheat Status: UNDETECTED

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