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Free Osiris CSGO Cheat 2022

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Everyone is looking for a secure and updated hack in CSGO. This Free Osiris CSGO Cheat is very safe and updated CSGO Cheat Hack. The developer updates it regularly every week and publishes it on GitHub. He shares the currently open source Free Osiris CSGO Cheat on GitHub. If you want to download this cheat from GitHub you have to click here but please note that you have to compile this meaning of osiris file. You will need Visual Studio for this.

You can also easily download from our servers.

What do I need to do for Free Osiris CSGO Cheat?

Not everyone may have a PC with very good performance. In some cases, we need to play games with the low PCs we have.

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Especially considering low spec PCs, an osiris.dll is available on our server. It is a compiled version for you.

Free Osiris CSGO Cheat Features:

Let’s take a look at the important ones first.

  • Aimbot – aim assist
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Mute – aimbot is not visible on your screen (client-side only)
  • Friendly fire – treat allies like enemies
  • Visible only – aim at visible players only
  • In scope only – aimbot only works when using binoculars (applies to sniper rifles only)
  • Ignore flash – ignore flash firing, so aim when local player shines
  • Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke so aim when the target is in the smoke
  • Autofire – shoot automatically when the target is found
  • Recoil based fov – aimbot uses recoil as fov origin
  • Fov – field of view where aimbot is operating [0-255]
  • Max angle delta – maximum image angles per tick vary
  • Smooth – smooth aimbot motion to look more human
  • Bone – the bone the aimbot is targeting
  • Kickback control x – horizontal rebound control factor
  • Kickback control y – vertical kickback control factor
  • Triggerbot – fires automatically when the crosshair is on the enemy
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Key [key] – triggerbot only works when the selected key is held
  • Friendly fire – treat allies like enemies
  • Scoped only – triggerbot only works while using a scope (only for sniper rifles)
  • Ignore the flash – ignore the flash firing, so shoot when the local player shines
  • Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke i.e. shoot while the target is in the smoke
  • Hitgroup – body parts the triggerbot works with
  • Shot delay – delay time in ms (milliseconds)
  • Backtrack – abuse of delay compensation to move players back in time
  • Active – on/off the main switch
  • Ignore the smoke – ignore the smoke i.e. the return when the target is in the smoke
  • Time limit – limit the trackback interval [1-200 ms]
  • Glow – create a glow effect on assets
  • Active – on/off the main switch
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If you want Osiris CSGO Cheat Features extensive explanation, you can find it HERE.

How to Download Osiris CSGO?

  1. Click the Download button from below.
  2. You will be directed to our Free Osiris CSGO Cheat page for download .rar.
  3. Download or copy the Free Osiris CSGO Cheat .rar from the window.
  4. Please open your CSGO game.
  5. Make sure your Anti-Virus software or Windows Defender software is OFF.
  6. Open csgoinjector.exe and type “Osiris”.
    • You already have osiris.dll. If you need that, you can use.
  7. Press add to show button.
  8. Enjoy.
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Free Osiris CSGO Cheat 2022

Info & Download Link
Cheat Developer: Danielkrupinski
Cheat Status: UNDETECTED Download

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